• Kami Goertz

    Hands create as nature does in steady motions through changing times, growing, sustaining skills, covering surfaces...

  • Lindsey Childs

    I create flowers that never die and jewelry that carries the spirit of summer in its soul...

  • Dawn Teasdale

    From the very first time I sat down at the jeweller's workbench, I was hooked...


For the Love of Craft

The Manitoba Craft Council is for people who love contemporary craft: artists and artisans, collectors and connoisseurs, DIYers and armchair enthusiasts. It's for people who value the originality and quality of the handmade, who find meaning in making. It's for the dreamers and schemers who seek to reinterpret the material and cultural traditions of the past through a contemporary lens.
It's for people who have to forge, carve, weave, print, glue, sculpt, knit. And for their friends and supporters. It's for you. See, smell, touch, explore the myriad expressions of contemporary craft in Manitoba and be part of a community that is shaped, motivated, and defined by its love of craft. Visit our Gallery.