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Jan 1

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library will be holding an exhibit of craft made using inorganic materials to open in May 2012.

The exhibit will feature hand crafted pieces that have been made primarily by Manitoba craftspeople.

Both historical and contemporary pieces will be included in the exhibit.

The MCML is looking for contemporary pieces that explore the variety of new work being done by Manitoba craftspeople.

The MCML is looking for historical pieces that showcase traditional techniques.

If you have hand crafted pieces that are made wholly or partially using inorganic materials (glass, metal, ceramic, gems) that you would like to offer to the exhibit, please provide the following information:

Brief visual description including technique, size, materials and any special exhibit requirements

Craftsperson information with brief bio if possible

Age of the piece

An image of the piece.  Prints and slides will be accepted, as will digital images (jpg preferred and less than 1MB file size please).

Conditions of Acceptance to the Exhibit

Items can be loaned for the duration of the exhibit or they can be offered for permanent donation to the museum collection.

In April 2012 an ad hoc Exhibit Committee will make final selections for the exhibit.

Depending on the response it is possible that not all pieces will be accepted for the exhibit.

Decisions about donations to the permanent collection will be made by the standing Museum Committee.

There will be some size restrictions.  Contact the MCML for details.

The exhibit will be on display from mid-May 2012 until mid-September 2012.

All pieces must be available for the duration of the exhibit.

The pieces must be in good condition.

Please submit information and images to Andrea Reichert, Curator, 1B-183 Kennedy St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 1S6, 487-6117 (tel & fax), or .


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