An Art City Exhibition, curated by Art City participants with guest artists Kerri-Lynn Reeves and Jenny Western

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Aug 15

Images from this wild event are available here.


Through a partnership with our exhibition, Hovercraft, Art City participants had the opportunity to work with two amazing Winnipeg curators, Jenny Western and Kerri-Lynn Reeves.

The partnership began with Art City bringing participants to the Hovercraft exhibition at aceartinc. Curators Kerri-Lynn Reeves and Jenny Western gave participants a private tour and introduced the curating concept to participants; an allegory to making a pizza was drawn. In the following days, Jenny and Kerri-Lynn came to Art City to help them curate their own art exhibition. They began the workshop by introducing the idea of themes occurring in art shows. They helped our participants to look through Art City work and organize it into themes. The themes they came up with were “Beach”, “Sky”, “Crazy Dudes”, “Emotions”, “Dream” and more.



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