First Friday Opening :: Featuring Kami Goertz

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Jan 4 - Jan 25

MCC Presents: First Fridays in the Exchange, Featuring Kami Goertz

Friday, Janury 4th 2012

5-9 pm

Manitoba Craft Council – 553-70 Arthur st

Artist Statement

I am inspired to create plush art partly in response to the world of fine art which often dictates that experiencing art be limited to the visual; to the multitude of gallery alarms my head has set off striving to get a closer look at the textures and details of pieces, and my yearn to explore the dimension of surfaces with my fingertips.

Another part of the inspiration comes from the need to make people laugh, have fun, express moods and question being too serious.

My plush art seeks to blur the lines between what is traditionally considered art, taking it down off the wall and allowing for a more complete physical experience;  plush art is meant to be moved, manipulated, played with, taking the art off the walls and into hands.


Kami Goertz is a local art maker who has been making plush creatures under the name marathon1981 since 2008. Her work has been featured in three issues of “Stuffed Magazine: The Crafting of Softies”, Seattle’s international show “Plush You” in 2011 and 2012, as well as the “Luv-able Hug-able” show in New York City 2011.

Kami’s plush work can be found in shops in Nelson B.C, Winnipeg and Brandon as well as a few local craft shows throughout the year in downtown Winnipeg.

When she is not at the sewing machine Kami has a full time day job,  is a mother of one and partner to a local musician, printmaker at Martha Street Studio and addicted thrifter.

First Fridays in the Exchange is dedicated to bringing together artists, artist run centres, galleries, businesses and the public for a greater understanding, appreciation and promotion of the arts and the further development of a vital Exchange Area community


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