Saves Nine :: Panel on Potential Histories of Post-Disciplinary Craft in Manitoba

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Aug 22

Panel on Potential Histories of Post-Disciplinary Craft in Manitoba

Featuring Helen Delacretaz, Kegan McFadden, and Kerri-Lynn Reeves, and moderated by Alison Norberg.

Thursday, August 22nd

7:00 PM


Join Saves Nine curator Kerri-Lynn Reeves with art historian Helen Delacretaz and art theorist Amy Karlinsky in conversation about potential histories of post-disciplinary craft in Manitoba. Saves Nine proposes that there is a history of post-disciplinary craft in Manitoba with the featured artists being potential instances of such craft. The exhibition only points to seven potential instances of post-disciplinary craft, and this is certainly not an exhaustive and definitive history of it. The premise of the panel is to further open up the list of potential makers, with each panelist presenting on other artists. The panel and the Q&A discussion following will be hosted by the Manitoba Craft Council’s Alison Norberg.


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