September First Friday :: Karla McEachern

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Sep 5 - Sep 30

Friday, September 5, 2014,  5-9 pm
at the Manitoba Craft Council office
553-70 Arthur St.

Come out and show your support!

About her art practice, Karla writes:
Tucked away in the loft of a machine shop outside Sperling, Manitoba, I have created my first major collection which I affectionately call “Piano Project.”  This project began in 2011 funded by the Manitoba Arts Council Emerging Artist Craft Grant. It is based on and incorporates pieces of my childhood piano. Since then I have deconstructed 3 additional unwanted pianos and created 50 pieces of wearable art. My intention is for these pieces to cause the same reaction as walking past a piano. I want that uncontrollable need to touch transferred to each piece I have created.

Visit Karla’s website for more info about her work.

First Fridays in the Exchange is dedicated to bringing together artists, artist run centres, galleries, businesses and the public for a greater understanding, appreciation and promotion of the arts and the further development of a vital Exchange Area community.  See the full listings here.


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