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Nov 13

Craft Micro-Talks :: Featuring the Artists of Backspace Forward
presented by the Manitoba Craft Council / Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library’s
7 pm, Thursday, November 13, 2014
at the Cornish Library, 20 West Gate

(Kitty-corner to the Misericordia Health Centre)

Curious about the intersections (and divergences) between the historical and contemporary pieces in Backspace Forward?  In a series of artist micro-talks, you’ll catch a glimpse of the inspiration and process, both intellectual and tangible, that gave rise to this exhibition of fine craft.

The Backspace Forward 2014 Juried Exhibition continues until early January 2015
at the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library
1B-183 Kennedy Street, Winnipeg MB

Featuring work by Tracy Fehr, Dana Kletke, Mimi Mirus, Keith Oliver, Paul Robles, Elizabeth Roy, Wendy Seversen, Gaetanne Sylvester, Diana Thorneycroft, Peter Tittenberger, Cathie Ugrin, and Melanie Wesley.  The twelve historical pieces that inspired the exhibition are also on display.


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