First Friday with Tracy Fehr

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Dec 5 - Dec 31

Friday, December 5, 2014, 5-9 pm
at the Manitoba Craft Council office
553-70 Arthur St.

Of her work Labours of Love, Tracy writes:
In these mixed media compositions, I am exploring unconscious emotions, tensions and intimate relationships (mother/child, sibling/sibling, observer/observed) using the context of dreams and sleeping figures where hidden dangers are expressed in symbols and colours.  The sense of impending danger is juxtaposed against innocence and communicated in the softness of fabric, soothing patterns, and intricately embroidered and tapestry like stitching. This has allowed me to express myself in a language that is diverse visually, conceptually and texturally

First Fridays in the Exchange is dedicated to bringing together artists, artist run centres, galleries, businesses and the public for a greater understanding, appreciation and promotion of the arts and the further development of a vital Exchange Area community. See the full listings here.


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