For the Love of Craft :: Member Show

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Jan 26 - Feb 19

For The Love of Craft

Manitoba Craft Council’s
2017 Member Exhibition and Sale of Contemporary Craft

Opening reception Thursday, January 26, 6 – 9 pm.

January 27 – February 19

Location: Winnipeg Art Gallery Gift Shop


A Celebration of Craft and the Community that is passionate about it!

To view photos of the opening reception, check out our Flickr page.


The Manitoba Craft Council is for people who love contemporary craft: artists and artisans, collectors and connoisseurs, DIYers and armchair enthusiasts. It’s for people who value the originality and quality of the handmade, who find meaning in making. It’s for the dreamers and schemers who seek to re-interpret the material and cultural traditions of the past through a contemporary lens. It’s for people who have to forge, carve, weave, print, glue, sculpt, and knit. And for their friends and supporters. It’s for you.

See, smell, touch, explore the myriad expressions of contemporary craft in Manitoba, and be part of a community that is shaped, motivated, and defined by its love of craft.

Featuring work in ceramics, fibre, metal, glass, wood and paper by Amanda Onchulenko, Brigitta Urben, Carol James, Cathie Ugrin, Cathy Sutton, Connie Chappel, Daria Tittenberger, Dawn Chaput, Dawn M Teasdale, Debra Plett, Erika Hanneson, Huguette LaCroix Gauthier, Ingrid Lincoln, Iuliia Voroninskaia, Janice Charko, Jayn Nixon, Jeannette Dzama, Jessica Hodgson, Jo’Anne Kelly, Judith Panson, Judith Rempel Smucker, June Derksen, Kami Goertz, Karen Astrid Clark, Karen Taylor, Kathleen Noelle Black, Kathryne Koop, Lois Hogg, Matt Jenkins, Maurice Dzama, Melanie Wesley, Mimi Mirus, Peter Tittenberger, PJ Anderson, Rosemarie Péloquin, Seema Goel, Takashi Iwasaki, Tamara Klassen, Tatiana Gregoryanz and Valerie Metcalfe.

(Image) Melanie Wesley’s work being enjoyed at 2016 Member Show, For the Love of Craft. Photo by Leif Norman


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