Paperversary – Mystery Bags

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Deadline: Apr 6

Craft in Manitoba is on the cusp of change. The Manitoba Craft Council and the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library are preparing to move into a new shared space that will provide Manitoba Craftspeople a place for exhibition, education, preservation and community. The two organizations are currently fundraising to make the new space useable for the community.
A fundraiser for the event will be held April 6th 7-11pm at the Goodwill Social Club, the event is called Paperversay, a spin on the first anniversary of the two organizations working together to make this space a reality, and using the theme of paper crafts for the event.
We are seeking support from the community through donations to the fundraiser.
There will be activity booths where paper related crafts will be taught, a booth where you can purchase pie and cake, and a mystery bag booth, where attendees can purchase a bag for $5. We are currently looking for donations for the mystery bags. These bags can be filled with almost anything, it is a mystery after all.
People who make a donation to the mystery bags will be acknowledged at the event, and on the Paperversary social media.
If this is not an option for you we would simply love to see you at the social.  Tickets are available online through our website
Thanks for your consideration.


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