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Aug 4

At this month’s Art Talk, First Fridays in the Exchange will be celebrating the new C2 Centre for Craft with artists Seema Goel and Jessica Hodsgon, whose work breaks down and blows up the old barriers between art and craft. Looking at issues such as the relationships between humanity and the environment, food and sustainability, and the links among art, science and creativity, we’ll be discussing what craft materials and craft techniques can do in this new expanded field.   
Dinner and a lively, informal talk followed by a guided walk through Exchange Galleries & Studios.
Please reserve starting the Monday prior to each talk or phone 204.697.7069
237 McDermot (The Winnipeg Free Press News Café)   $20.00  ( plus tax ) 6-9pm  
Presented by  First Fridays in the ExchangeThe Winnipeg Free Press News Café  & with the generous support of  The Winnipeg Arts Council & The Manitoba Arts Council


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