Visit C2 Centre for Craft

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Oct 28

Visit C2 Centre for Craft

1 – 329 Cumberland Avenue

Wednesday to Saturday, 12 – 4 pm


C2 Centre for Craft is a project of the Manitoba Craft Council (MCC) and the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library (MCML).

The C2 Centre for Craft is dedicated to presenting the best of contemporary and traditional craft in Manitoba. Located in an historic building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, C2 features an exhibition gallery, shop, library, museum collection, and more. C2 is a shared initiative of the Manitoba Crafts Museum & Library and the Manitoba Craft Council.

The Manitoba Craft Council and Manitoba Crafts Museum are in the process of switching over to a joint website for both organizations at If you have any questions during this time of transition, please contact:

Manitoba Craft Council

Phone   (204) 615 – 3951

Jessica Hodgson

Tammy Sutherland


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