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Annual Report 2015

(Above) Heather Komus, Untitled, work from Neurocraft, a collaboration between
MCC members and neuroscience researchers co-sponsored by the Winnipeg Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience.

If you missed the AGM in November, you didn’t get an opportunity to remember and celebrate the year that was at the Manitoba Craft Council.  Find the Annual Report here.


Please note some image quality has been lost for web version.


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2015 Bursary Fund Review with Kelli Rey

MCC member Kelli Rey received an MCC Professional Development Bursary in 2015. Below is a review of what the bursary enabled her to do:


Final Report – Manitoba Craft Council Bursary Fund 2015

By: Kelli Rey



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C2 Centre for Craft

make it happen

The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library (MCML) and the Manitoba Craft Council (MCC) are excited to be joining forces to develop a new centre for craft, set to open in winter 2016. Located in a historic building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District, the 3,025 sq ft facility will include an exhibition gallery, shop, library, museum and programming space featuring the best of contemporary and historical craft this province has to offer.

To make a donation visit



To become a sponsor please contact MCC or MCML.

Tammy Sutherland (204) 946-0803 |

Andrea Reichert (204) 487-6117 |








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