Michael Lemer

Mediums: Ceramics

Michael Lemer, Winnipeg, Manitoba

I currently live in Winnipeg Manitoba.
I picked up pottery as a hobby, many years ago, which quickly grew into a passion.
I have been selling my work throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba as well as into Ontario. I am now offering my works in Alberta.

After many years working in Customer Service positions, I am now working at pottery full time, having turned our entire basement into a studio.

All my work is either hand made, or wheel thrown. Even for "production" ware, each piece has it's own distinct personality. Production does not have to mean a cookie-cuter assembly line. As such each piece is unique giving a definite feeling of comfort to see and use.

My most unique offering is my 'Crackle Glass' creations, which involves fuzing Glass to very course stoneware for a completely different and wonderful decorative piece.
I continue to try new things including expanding my 'hand made' to include my 'Tin Ceiling Tile' platters as shown here.
598 Templeton Ave.
Winnipeg, MB
michaellemer@shaw.ca www.michaellemerpottery.ca
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