Heidi Hunter

Mediums: Fibres

I live to dye. My work is driven by colour and texture, and I constantly find myself invigorated by my love/hate relationship with the creative process. All things fibre stir my heart. My art quilts are spontaneous and improvisational as I "paint" with my own hand-dyed/screened fabrics in combination with traditional quilting cottons. I delight in the alchemy of colouring cloth and am always astounded by the results of adding or removing colour, then layering stamped or screened patterns to create visually complex cloth. Most recently I've created "Sheep Chic" - accessories where fine merino wool fibres are felted to hand-dyed silk.
3044 Prout Rd. 17E
Winnipeg Beach, MB
heidi@runswithscissors.ca runswithscissors.ca
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