Candace Lipischak

It started as an adventurous treasure hunt.

Having found so many discarded items on my property along the Rat River, I started salvaging pieces and working with them as a way of cleaning up and raising awareness about environmental issues at the same time.

I enjoy mixing mediums such as antler and birch bark, rusted oil drum lids and barn board as they are all found coexisting together. I'll paint using acrylics or will piece together larger miscellaneous items.

My work can be found at WAG@theForks and on occasion at Warehouse Artworks.

I branched out even more creatively in 2015 as a jewelry designer and owner of Fat Daug-Hand Carved Antler Jewelry. Fat Daug is short for Father-Daughter and the craft of antler carving which has been passed on from my father to myself.

My unique and organic jewelry is available at WAG@theForks, Le Musee Saint-Boniface Museum, Neechi Niche and online. I also have a line of indigenous-inspired t-shirts. These are available at Le Musee Saint-Boniface Museum as well as The Manitoba Museum and also online.

On my downtime I enjoy facilitating Metis workshops in schools across Canada.
Box 107
Otterburne, MB
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