Evelin Richter

Mediums: Ceramics

I love creating with clay, making something from nothing. I find myself drawn to clay largely because of its sensuous pliability... my favourite tools are my hands, and I experience and learn so much through the sense of touch.

In recent years I have focused on figurative ceramic sculpture, which I find particularly satisfying. I enjoy meeting new characters as they emerge out of the clay. I begin by visualizing, then wait for the shape to materialize through my hands. I know my work is going well when I lose track of time. I know a work is completed when it matches the image in my head, and when I can think of nothing else to add.

Some of my sculptural pieces are "somewhat autobiographical," while others delve into personas and scenarios I have never encountered. Some are expressions of happiness, some are contemplative, some are poignant... seen as a body of work, I guess one could say that these individuals I've had a hand in shaping act on my behalf to offer social commentary in exploring the vagaries of nature and the human condition.
275 Eaton Street
Winnipeg Beach, MB
ev@whatclayart.com www.whatclayart.com
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