Caitlin Spicer

Mediums: Fibres

My passions have always involved working with my hands. From making jewellery, to woodworking, to gardening, I consider my hands to be my most valuable tool. I create textile jewellery using a method of macrame known as Cavandoli knotting that involves tightly knotting strings together to form geometric, tapestry-like patterns. My main materials are waxed thread, stones and glass. I began to learn this style of knotwork while traveling in South America. I spent two years living, working and traveling with talented Peruvian and Argentinian artisans, learning traditional South American macrame techniques and styles along the way. Coming back from this incredible experience, I have adapted these techniques to reflect my own aesthetics and personal style. With a few basic knots, I am able to create a multitude of textures, shapes and patterns. The simplicity and repetition of knotting becomes a rhythmic meditation as each piece takes form
Pilot Mound, MB
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