Jayne Nixon

Mediums: Glass

I believe that creating is part of who I am. I often imagine how to recreate the sky, ocean, trees, or the centre of a flower in a variety of media. In all of m work, past and present, I tend to prefer trees and water as my focus. Perhaps clichéd, these subjects resonate with my sense of space and environment.

Over the years, I have ventured into using materials such as paint, metal clay, fabric/fibre, and encaustic, where, previously, worked exclusively in glass. Although often challenging, the sense of accomplishment and skills learned throughout the creative process is well worth the effort.

Creating art and fine craft is a thoughtful, learning, discovering, self-affirming process that opens my senses to the wider world.
winnipeg, MB
jjjnixon@shaw.ca jaynenixon.weebly.com
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