Rachael Kroeker

Mediums: Ceramics

I love working with clay, and simply put, this creative process makes me happy and proud to be a ceramicist. The simple gestures of drinking and eating can quickly be transformed into an engaging sensual experience, with the presence of a handmade object.

Much like the diverse medium itself, I have been pursuing two very different directions with clay. From sculptures exploring the use of repetition, negative space and form, to my current focus of beautiful dining ware.

Form and aesthetics are the founding elements of my slip cast dining ware, with a perfect harmony of function, comfort and beauty found in my designs. This balance between elegance and function honours the utility of the object, while simultaneously creates an engaging tactile experience. I achieve this distinct style by pouring several different slips within the mold, and afterwards reveal those hidden layers by carefully removing the surface. A naturally occurring pattern is then created through this subtractive process, with the negative line movement complimenting each new colour. This smooth, supple surface of the raw, sanded porcelain engages the viewer to touch, inviting a resting spot for fingertips.
Winnipeg, MB
rachael_kroeker@hotmail.com www.rachaelkroeker.com
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