Robert Strate

Born and raised in Manitoba, woodworker Robert Strate began drawing and building long before his carpentry apprenticeship in 1982. Most of his 30 years in construction was spent in Manitoba and the arctic, but all the while Robert was building cabinets and furniture as a hobby, always challenging himself with new idea's and technique's with the long-term goal of pursuing his passion for the handcrafted wood arts.

ARTIST STATEMENTI have a strong knowledge of wood and technique and combine power tools with hand tools to finish my work.
A big part of my technical knowledge came in a 10-month pre-employment carpentry program, where to help pay my way though college, I was able to use the shop in my free time to make furniture and cabinets.
Through opportunity and challenge, I began to try new sculptural designs on reclaimed and salvaged hardwoods, thinking this could make great mock-ups for future designs. I soon realized that these pieces already looked beautiful in their own right.
Trees spend a long time growing and should be honoured. It has been a thrill to create commissioned pieces for clients from their family trees that create memories for them that can always be cherished.
I work with largely domestic and reclaimed hardwoods but will use others when requested. I just ask that you take a moment to look in your own back yard.
I have created a series of pieces named Spirit Tables because the wood used is reclaimed or salvaged. By bringing this wood back to life with new purpose, I give them a new spirit. Though each one built on the same form, they are each very unique.
106 First St. West , Box 245
Landmark, MB
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