Odia Reimer

Odia Reimer uses repetition in form to emphasize the repetitive nature of the universal longing. She believes that this haunting distress of nothingness manifests itself in the symbols of the mundane ordinary events of life. Often unnoticed and unknown to everyone else, these images, which by their very nature are private and un-noteworthy, are playing out again and again in daily life wearing the spirit thin. Her art brings to life these moments with hopes that an artistic representation of this stream of repetitive images will validate the tyranny of the symbols of routine, the constant reminder of longings unfulfilled.

She expresses her emotion in mediums of photography, textiles, or ceramics. Odia has a Bachelor of Fine arts from the University of Manitoba. She has exhibited her work in a number of Winnipeg galleries and currently lives in Altona, Manitoba.
Altona, MB
info@odiareimer.com odiareimer.com
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