Dawn Teasdale

Mediums: Metals

From the very first time I sat down at the jeweller's workbench, I was hooked. I fell immediately in love with the goldsmith's craft, the techniques, and the tools. I explore these traditions through the custom of personal adornment, a practice which spans thousands of years in human history. I choose to forge and fabricate each piece, so that no two will ever be exactly alike. There's something undeniable and intimate about the process of transforming metal into a wearable object, one that can be a receptacle for time, space, and memory. My passion for finding patterns and repeats in nature drives my design process. The interplay between light and shadow, the spaces in between, the contrast between smooth and rough, compel me to explore these intersecting elements and interpret them in my work.
Winnipeg, MB
dawnmteasdale@gmail.com http://dawnmteasdale.com/
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