About Us

The Manitoba Craft Council (MCC) was established in 1978 to promote, develop and advocate for fine craft and its makers in Manitoba. These aims continue to be our core purpose and mandate throughout our history to the present.

Craft has always held a significant place in our province. From the time aboriginal peoples lived nomadically on the plains to the advent of European settlement to modern day rural, northern and urban life, each cultural group in Manitoba produced craft. Using traditional materials and techniques and ingenuity inspired by necessity, Manitobans have produced hand made craft works. From the functional to decorative, craft has always enriched the lives of Manitobans.

Drawing on this rich history and legacy, MCC is the only not-for-profit artists’ service and exhibition organization in Manitoba exclusively dedicated to fine craft. For over 30 years MCC has worked to ensure that contemporary fine craft and the artists who produce these works are supported, recognized and celebrated for their contribution to the artistic, cultural and economic life of Manitoba.

Over the years, MCC has exposed and engaged Manitobans with the rich diversity of fine craft across various media. This has taken shape in different ways over its history and has included exhibitions by local, national and international artists, workshops, lectures and mentorship, website gallery, and retail sales. Recent collaborative work with a wide range of partners across the province and beyond has allowed the MCC to broaden its reach and bring craft related programming to a much wider audience.
The MCC is currently engaged in an in depth strategic planning process that will set a course for the next stage of its work for fine craft, its makers, and all those who appreciate hand crafted works of art.