Wendy Seversen

Mediums: Glass, Metals

I began to work with glass about 8 years ago, after many years as a ceramics and weaving hobbyist. The transparency, reflectivity, and fascinating dichotomy of fragility and strength that are intrinsic to glass have captured me. I was able to leave my career as a university administrator about 3 years ago in order to fully establish my glass and jewelry studios.

I am currently focussing on kilnworking techniques using recycled float glass, ceramic glazes, metals, and metal oxides and carbonates. These pieces trap light in captured bubbles, and evoke a sensation of movement. Kilnworked glass is often linear and static in its forms. This work gives an organic flow to the medium.

My independent research and exploration in this area is ongoing.

The pattern and symmetry in my woven jewelry is created entirely by hand, out of base metal and precious metal wires, combined with components made from kiln-worked glass, sheet metal and metal clay. Warmly colored base metals and sterling are patinaed to highlight surface features. I create jewelry based upon my own tastes, which reside in the truth of the material, the weight of solid metals, the unique color acquired by long wear, and the pleasurable sensation of smoothly finished pieces.
Winnipeg, MB
bigfield@shaw.ca bigfieldglass.com
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