Crystal Nykoluk

Mediums: Ceramics

Growing up I was intrigued with building objects, so I naturally gravitated towards the 3D art practice of ceramics when in university.

My work revolves around the notion of building useable sculptures. By combining spontaneous textures with useable pottery forms, I hope to imbue a sense of curiosity in the viewer or user along with the notion that useable objects are pieces of art.

Tangible decoration holds my attention the more I explore how clay reacts to being torn, thrown, stretched, scraped and then re-arranged. I am instinctively drawn to creating abstract textures on the pieces I make in attempt to express the freedom I find outside in nature's formations and patterns. Perhaps it’s also an attempt to allow myself some freedom, as constructing the forms is the more rigid part of my process.

I like playing with the idea of duality in objects, which is why I make work that can be functional and ornamental.
741 McMillan Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
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